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At NADA 2023

Dallas, TX | January 27-29 | Booth #2419

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The Trouble With Reconditioning

The reconditioning process touches every part of the dealership, and every step brings the possibility of a vehicle getting caught in a bottleneck. From having to wait for approvals and parts, to coordinating work with busy technicians and vendors, to simply getting left behind in the shuffle of a busy dealership, it can be easy to add unnecessary days to your cycle time. Without detailed knowledge of your process, it can be nearly impossible to pinpoint inefficiencies and speed up your recon.

Build a More Informed and Efficient Reconditioning Process

With ReconTRAC’s comprehensive tracking and reporting, you can get accurate reporting on each vehicle, department, and your overall reconditioning process. Utilizing the customizable automated workflows to fit the needs of your reconditioning department, you can address delays and cut your cycle time in half. With ReconTRAC, don’t just track your recon, fix it.

Track Your Recon

Track every part of your recon process, always knowing where your vehicles are and what is adding to your cycle times.

Get detailed reports of your recon process and review historical trends to analyze and improve your business.

Track timestamps and personnel notes throughout the whole process knowing who worked on what and for how long.

Fix Your Recon

Automate approvals and add detailed service and cost estimates that can be accessed anywhere on your mobile device.

Move vehicles automatically to the next department as work is completed and alert them with a notification.
Add jobs automatically from your MPI and assign to in-house technicians and vendors with ease.

Must See This Year at the ReconTRAC Booth

  • Automatic dispatching and alerts to the next department or outside vendor in your recon process.
  • Manage vendor payables based on work completed and documented in your process.
  • Customize your multi-point inspections depending on the vehicle.
  • Expanded functionality for the parts department with more information and better tracking of part numbers, availability, and department activity.
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