Being Proactive in a Pandemic: Fine-Tuning Your Preowned Vehicle Department


This has been a scary and stressful time for business owners and families alike, but during trying times like this, we always persevere and come back stronger than before.  This isn’t the time for you to bring your business operations to a halt. Instead you should plan and prepare for the coming months as the economy begins to bounce back.

Some auto manufacturers are already planning and preparing for a downturn in the automotive industry’s economy by offering promotional financing, halting production of automobiles, and trying to be proactive in any way they can. 

Many dealerships have reported a significant reduction in foot traffic at their stores, but they are using this “downtime” as an opportunity to fine tune their processes, ensuring their used car inventory is sourced and ready for sale.

With demand for used vehicles at an all-time high, preowned departments need to get their vehicles through the reconditioning process as efficiently as possible in order to maximize their profits. Having a tool designed to speed up your reconditioning process is essential to a successful used vehicle department.

Our production management software, ReconTRAC, was designed with your teams’ user experience in mind. We provide a simple user interface with features you need, like automated workflows unique to your reconditioning process, streamlined communication between departments and vendors, and a mobile application that lets your team work on the go. ReconTRAC helps hold every department involved in your reconditioning process accountable, helping you see where your processes are slowed down and where there may be bottlenecks.

ReconTRAC not only fits into the workflow already in place at your dealership, but it completely automates it. This system allows manager to see where the vehicles are at in the process at all times, and quickly and efficiently assign recently acquired vehicles to the needed departments. Don’t let a manual process continue to slow down your cycle time. Take back control of your used vehicle department with ReconTRAC.