Dealers Who Embrace Technology Are Getting Better


The last few years have seen a distinctive trend in the used car industry. Buyers are becoming much more savvy, from buying the right mix of used vehicles to using technology solutions that help them run their businesses more efficiently and ultimately more profitably.
From the mid-1980s, when Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) became commonplace, to the Carfax-style services of the late 80s and early 90s, more tools are now available to automotive dealerships.

Now that internet signals are faster, more accessible and less expensive, dealers are able to take advantage of technology like never before. 

Desktop software products which are 100% mobile friendly, such as ReconTRAC®, are really starting to turn the tide in the industry. Now the managers, technicians, workers and vendors can all access the same platform and work together in harmony, without using paper!

What Is the ReconTRAC® Program and Why Are Dealerships Raving About It?

The ReconTRAC® program is not just software. The ReconTRAC® team evaluates the dealers current process, and offers ideas on how to improve the dealers workflow based on what they’ve learned from their biggest and best clients who are doing a great job at it.

Other reconditioning software products will simply match a dealers current process with their manual tracking software and that’s it. This does not improve the recon process, does not increase productivity and does not push the vehicles through faster. Matter of fact, it requires the dealer to continue using their paper processes along with additional software.

ReconTRAC® experts get involved with how you recon cars, from the order of the process to how the dealer bills their vendors. They really know their stuff. 

For example, the ReconTRAC® experts have offered advice on how to secure fixed price packages with vendors, when to outsource and when not to, how/when to give bonuses and incentives to increase production and decrease depreciation and even when to consolidate positions.

Once the process is as efficient as possible, the ReconTRAC® experts will build the ReconTRAC® site to match the improved process, train everyone on the new program and follow up every 30 days to make sure the program is always on track.

Dealers typically experience a reduction in their true overall cycle time in 30-60 days, as long as the program is followed.

The ReconTRAC® site for each dealer is custom built with pre-set workflows, free recall lookups, free CARFAX, an inspection tool with pre-set services & pricing, a line item approval feature and fully automatic workflows that help push vehicles through in a ‘hot potato’ style fashion. 

The ReconTRAC® apps are free, and allow the user to access just about every feature the desktop version has, along with some extra goodies, such as a Vin Scanner that can be used to create a new work order, find out where a car is or simply allow a user to log into their job.

Times have changed, and technology is making it easier and less expensive for car dealers to improve their business.

The ReconTRAC® program is a unique and powerful solution for medium to larger sized automotive dealerships, used car dealerships, 3rd party reconditioning companies and reconditioning centers.

To find out more about the ReconTRAC® Program, please contact us.